Cooling towers

Equipment to dissipate heat from the condensates. It’s part of the Evaporator equipment.

Cooling towers are structures for cooling water and other media at high temperatures. The main use of large industrial cooling towers is to lower the temperature of cooling water used in power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing and all kinds of evaporators and condensers.

cooling towers

Regarding the mechanism used for heat transfer are the main types:
• Wet cooling towers operate on the basis of evaporation,
• Dry cooling towers operate by heat transfer through a surface separating the fluid to be cooled ambient air.
In a wet cooling tower, hot water can be cooled to a lower temperature than ambient if the air is relatively dry.
With regard to air shot in the tower there are three types of cooling towers:
• Natural Tyre, which uses a high chimney.
• Induced draft, wherein the fan is placed at the top of the tower (force air creating a slight vacuum inside the tower).
• Mechanical Tyre (or forced draft), which uses engine power to drive air ventilation to the tower (standing on the base).