Evaporation process

Treating contaminated water by concentration and distillation technique.

The evaporation technique – allows separating the aqueous concentration of pollutants in industrial effluent (dissolved or suspended) getting a distilled totally debugged and a concentrate. This process reduces significantly the costs of waste management. The distillate obtained can even be reused. The process has wide application in the pharmaceutical industry, metal, paper and chemical industry and other industrial sectors.

evaporation process

The vacuum evaporation can be used to effectively treat a wide variety of wastewater from various industrial processes. Our wide range of standard construction equipment, customized to order, guaranteeing a solution for every application. Distillation effectively solves the problem of disposing industrial contaminated water, concentrating as much as possible pollutants such as heavy metals and inks, and enabling to recover the distillate that can be reused in the production cycle. Stringent anti-pollution standards and an increasing environmental conscious impose a new way of dealing with topics related to the use of natural resources and their subsequent elimination. Recycling raw materials and reduce waste almost to zero is the latest objective of industrial research for environmental safeguards.